Theft of the Zibo/Ultimate 737 max mod

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Theft of the Zibo/Ultimate 737 max mod

Post by wwa659 » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:09 pm

There is an unauthorized version of the Zibo/Ultimate 737 max being published today (September 1, 2019), the individual using the Pseudo name of Walter White (yes they even stoled that name from breaking bad) have taken and modified files in violation of the EULA of the Zibo mod and the Threshold Ultimate 737 team. These modifications are so minor I could not tell the difference. But a creator/author can point out even the very slightest deviation of their work. The creator of the Zibo mod and Threshold Ultimate 737 Team have been working closely together for many years so I encourage you to only get your Zibo and 737 Ultimate updates only from the official Zibo google drive or the official threshold 737 Ultimate site.

Here is a link to the joint statement made by the Zibo/Threshold team. ... Bx7pMPGP7k

Please note the Official Zibo/Ultimate 737 Max is not published yet.
Please also note that WestWind has Not authorized 737max flights yet.
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Re: Theft of the Zibo/Ultimate 737 max mod

Post by Mark Kusiak » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:58 pm

We continue to monitor the return to service of the 737 MAX. Boeing has yet to announce, publicly, the plans to seek
re certification of the aircraft. WestWind will lift the restriction of flight on the aircraft when the FAA has certified it
again for flight.

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