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Freeware Addons

Post by Paul Reitman WWA2971 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 2:36 am

Here is a list of good/great freeware add-ons to really help with your XP11. I added a few links for assistance on where to start (at least this is where I started for everything). Feel free to add your favorites as well!

Ortho4XP - program to download orthophotos and install them in to XP. Version 1.20 is the current version (Here is a link to a good tutorial video to help set it up). I recommend v1.30, but it is pre-alpha and requires some work to set up, but provides the sloping runways! I won't post any links for 1.30, but will at least give you the link to the video I watched to set it up.

FS Enhancer - adjusts sky and cloud textures/colors. You can use it with Reshader (I do), but some people report issues

Baron 58 "Double Trouble" - modifies the default Baron 58 and brings it's handling and characteristics more in line with R/W data. This is what I have been flying and it is an absolute joy!

Zibo Mod - modifies the default Boeing 737-800. Brings its quality and capability up quite a bit - basically better than a CaptainSim but not quite PMDG level.
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