FS9 VATSIM Clients to be Retired

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FS9 VATSIM Clients to be Retired

Post by Mark Kusiak » Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:11 pm

Following is an excerpt from VATSIM's forum regarding VATSIM's stance on FS9 clients.
The plan 6 months ago unanimously supported by the BoG was to retire the legacy clients upon
Audio for VATSIM launch.

The AFV development team lobbied the BoG extremely hard, and did get a stay of execution of FSINN
and Squawkbox for launch of Audio for VATSIM.

Do note that this is a very temporary measure. FSINN and Squawkbox are over 15 years old and have
not been maintained for almost 10 years. We simply can not advance the network or sure up our infrastructure
while allowing these clients to still be able to connect to VATSIM. They will be retired and that retirement
date is counted in months not years.

Nobody likes having to change their routine, but for the good of 99% of the rest of our members, we must make
this change. I would implore those who are still on FSINN or Squawkbox to start learning SWIFT now if you are
not planning to change from FS9. Regardless of how you feel about swift, that will be your only option to
continue to use FS9 very soon.
The link for SWIFT is https://dev.swift-project.org/ They are making efforts to allow access to FS9 flyers.

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